STA Clubs 2019-2020

Clubs meet once a month on Friday (unless otherwise noted*) over Activity 1 and 2.  

Art Club - Dibble
The focus of the Art Club is to promote and foster an enriching art experience in the St. Teresa’s community and as an outreach toward local art communities.In the past we have raised money for elementary level art programs including Academie Lafayette, Mattie Rhodes, The Children’s Place, Operation Breakthrough and Big Brother’s Big Sister 's.The students also designed a school t-shirt, scheduled visiting artists for lectures, and experienced gallery exhibits in the local art community.  Participating in the Art Club is an excellent opportunity for creative minds to perpetuate goodwill.

Book Club - Jacquin
Students read and discuss a wide variety of books. Promote reading, provide a positive forum in which students can discuss books and authors, and allow students to engage in discussions that will help them increase their skills in reasoning, creative thinking and persuasion.

Bug Club - Montag
The Bug Club is all about the creepy crawlies. This club is to expose students to the value and ecological importance of the less celebrated species of the world.   Insects, for example are the largest group of animals on Earth, with nearly one million different kinds. Club meetings will be spent exploring the various ecological aspects of these very important and vital species through crafts, activities and guest speakers.

Cinema Club - Himes
The Cinema Club is for students who enjoy the art of film, not just going to the movies.  The club will be structured much like a book club: We will select a movie each month for members to watch in time to discuss at our next meeting, among other activities.  We will work to keep St. Teresa’s movie buffs up-to-date on the best current films and help fill their Netflix queues with quality independent films. Also, the students will put on the St. Teresa’s Film Festival.

Conspiracy Club - O'Flaherty
Conspiracy Club looks objectively at popular “conspiracy theories” that exist in our world on various topics, events, and people. We also observe unsolved cases, and interesting true crime stories. Members of this club understand and accept that these theories are just that: theories, and are often not based in real facts. Our goal is not to believe in conspiracies, but to understand where they come from, why they exist, and give credence and light to the truth. Students will also complete a fundraiser for the Innocence Project, which raises money for people who’ve been wrongfully accused of crimes. If you like true crime, and are interested in learning about conspiracy theories, then this is the club for you!

Cooking Club - Whitney
In Cooking Club our goal is to explore the vast world of culinary arts.  Each club meeting, members will prepare their portion of an ethnic or regional cuisine chosen for that particular meeting.  We will experiment in many different fields of cooking to further our knowledge in the culinary art and acquire an appreciation for international cuisine.  If you like to cook, this is the club for you!!!!!

Creative Writing Club - Roark
This club will offer an opportunity for students to share the works of their favorite authors and write independently or collaboratively in a workshop-style environment with time allotted for peer editing and small-group review.  In the fall, an emphasis will be placed on compositions that may be entered in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition.

CSJ Club - Greene
The CSJ Club is a club focused on leadership and service.  Club members will continue to help formalize the club’s identity by exploring the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph, learning about the charism or gifts of the CSJs and coming up with creative ways to share those gifts with the larger community.  The club will focus on leadership and service in the community through various activities inspired by our findings about the CSJs. This club is open to anyone and would be a great extension for any CSJ Leadership Camp alums.

Current Events Club - Egner
Current Events Club is offered to interested students who would like to  LEARN, DISCUSS, and UNDERSTAND more about current happenings in the city, state, nation and world. We will meet regularly on Club Days in Room D202, Mr. Egner's classroom. Club members will engage in various activities including discussion groups, issue forums, Current Events games, video presentations, and hearing potential guest speakers from the K.C. area.

Dance Club - Skowronek
Dance Club is for students who love to dance and enjoy movement in a fun, non-competitive, and social setting. Students will experience a variety of dance forms working with guest teachers/artists. Students with expertise in a certain dance style sometimes lead classes. Extensive dance experience is not necessary to join.

Drama Club - Prentiss
The goal of every member of Drama Club is to become a member of the International Thespian Society; an honor society dedicated to the advancement of theatre education.  Members of Drama Club are required to take an active role in one production each year, whether through performance or backstage work. Members can also expect to participate in speakers, games, fundraising activities and FUN!  Member not involved in the productions will lose their membership.

French Club - Amick
If you like Nutella, French films, music and more… this club is for you!  The French Club is open to everyone – whether you are taking French or simply want to explore French culture and connect with other French fans at STA.  On campus, the French Club sponsors charity drives for organizations that support the French-speaking world, such as Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and relief efforts for Haiti.

Graphic Design Club - Leatherman
Are you a member of a club, extracurricular, advisory or sports team? Do you need a t-shirt, poster, invitation or apparel designed and are not sure where to start? Don’t let the stress of creating that perfect advisory shirt fall on your shoulders. Working in a client-designer relationship, our brilliant designers will generate 3 concepts, and after receiving your feedback will prepare the files to be printed at a company of your choice, although we like to shop local! As a member of the club, this is an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity while producing a great resource for the school community! Join our club, build your design skills and portfolio while having the members of our STA community model your work! Membership limited to 20.

Healthy Living Club - Garcia-Gil
The Healthy Living Club is a club for students that want to incorporate healthy living into their daily lives.  During the year we will discuss ideas for healthy eating habits, practice mindfulness and do other fitness activities which may include yoga, dance, cardio, walking, etc. It is a place for students to release some stress and gather some tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. New ideas and suggestions about how to keep a healthy lifestyle are always welcome!

Human Dignity Club - Taber
The Human Dignity Club stands up for the dignity of human rights and addresses all issues that threaten, dehumanize and prevent people from reaching their full potential. Inspired by the mission of the sisters of St. Joseph, club members will participate in events and discussions that raise awareness of quality of life issues for all humans.

Journaling Club - Finn

Kansas City Interfaith Youth Alliance - Absher
KCIYA is a collaborative nonprofit of individuals who want to change the conversation about faith, values, and spirituality in the public square by encouraging and mentoring youth in the areas of leadership development, orienting around the shared value of service, and growth in personal beliefs. Members will have the opportunity to have vibrant discussions on growing religious diversity, share their interfaith story on a blog or podcast, and help plan future discussions and events on interfaith cooperation that will honor the love of dear neighbor.

Latin Club - Hawley
The Junior Classical League (JCL) is the largest classical organization in the world today with over 50,000 members. It is second only to the Boy Scouts. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in the language, literature and culture of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The STA JCL holds monthly meetings in Ms. Hawley’s  room. JCL members also attend and compete in the Missouri JCL (MOJCL) State Convention in April and the National JCL (NJCL) convention (a week-long convention on a college campus) in July.

Outdoor Games Club - Kogge/Meyer

PAWS Club - Toma
Do you love Smitty, Fido, Lil'Buddy?  Would you like to learn about the care and training of your pets?  Would you like to help area pet shelters? This club is for you. Students in all grades are welcome.

Pre-Health Club-Stranz

The Pre-Health Professionals Club is an opportunity for students to narrow down their interest in the medical field, so they feel more prepared to go to college with a career in mind. Health professionals of different fields, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and physical and occupational therapy, will be invited to come in and talk about their career. Presenters may do demonstrations / activities with the students and answer questions. We may also have local programs, such as KU and UMKC, come in to provide information about the degrees they offer. The Pre-Health Club also sponsors a Blood Drive on campus once a year (in January) and assist with the Bone Marrow Registry drive (in April).

SADD Club - Walker
Student Community Organization consists of representatives from each class and elected officers.  Its primary goal is to develop good relationships among students, faculty and administration. SCO sponsors a wide variety of activities in hopes of providing opportunities for students and faculty to interact on a more relaxed basis.  Building a strong community is always at the heart of its decisions. President and vice-president are seniors; secretary and treasurer may be sophomores, juniors or seniors.

SCO Club - Bannister
Student Community Organization consists of representatives from each class and elected officers.  Its primary goal is to develop good relationships among students, faculty and administration. SCO sponsors a wide variety of activities in hopes of providing opportunities for students and faculty to interact on a more relaxed basis.  Building a strong community is always at the heart of its decisions. President and vice-president are seniors; secretary and treasurer may be sophomores, juniors or seniors.

Self Care Club - Hardin

Social Justice Club - Weber
The Social Justice Club was formed to raise awareness of and help individuals both locally and in foreign countries who do not have the same rights and resources that STA students have.  Club members will learn about social just issues through current events and the arts.  The club will focus on two or three projects throughout the year, studying women's rights and coordinating care packages/food drives for local organizations/agencies.

Spanish Club - Amigo/Gargallo
The Spanish Club is an organization formed to promote student involvement and understanding of the language and culture of Spain and Latin America. In general, the club focuses on learning about the language and the culture by participating in activities within STA and also in the Kansas City metro area. In the Spanish Club we have fiestas with food and music, we play games and watch movies. We made crafts and celebrate holidays.

Spirit Club - Watts
The Spirit Club is a great way to show your Star Spirit.  We support all school events, including games, plays, concerts, etc., boosting school spirit.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) – Blake (Sr/Jr), Albritton (So/Fr)
The STEM Club will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as these topics relate to practical applications and potential careers in these fields.  Club meetings are hands-on as students learn about the engineering through building structures, investigates a variety of scientific concepts, solves puzzles and problems using math, and explores new technology. Some STEM Club activities might involve time outside of the scheduled Club meetings.  If extra time is needed, club members will be expected to meet during a designated L/A in order to set up or finish an activity. Membership is determined by completing the application.  There is a Senior/Junior STEM Club and a Sophomore/Freshman STEM Club.  Each is limited to 24 students

World Cultures Club - Lopez Gonazles
The purpose of the World Culture Club is to provide students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of different cultures. WCC explore various aspects of different cultures, from food and popular holiday celebrations to music and dancing.

Young Americans for Freedom Club - Boland