Cyber Bully Hotline

In an effort to encourage students that may be experiencing bullying, harassment, or intimidation and are too fearful or not quite ready to come forward face-to-face to report the matter, St. Teresa’s Academy has implemented the CyberBully Hotline program.

Our desire and efforts are always first focused on encouraging students to report such issues directly to a teacher, counselor, coach, or school administrator. However, in some cases, a student can be overcome with fear and worry about who to talk to, what to say, may fear retaliation, or may fear losing respect of their peers.

Students with such fears need a reporting path and the CyberBully Hotline is designed to do just that. Here are a few high-level details and you can learn more at

How it Works

The school has published the following hotline number: 816.359.3463

  • Students can send a text message to these numbers, or call and leave a voice message.
  • Their Caller ID is masked, making their report anonymous.
  • The messages are forwarded to our counselor, Amanda Johnson, who is designated to monitor for reports.
  • The monitors have the ability to reply to text messages and start a two-way anonymous chat.
  • The goal is to engage the student to begin a dialog and start a resolution process.

Our goal is to ensure that each student feels comfortable coming forward, either face- to- face or anonymously.  Encourage your student to use all the services that are offered by St. Teresa’s Academy to help resolve any issues that they may face. We are here to help, but we can’t help if we don’t know.

As a parent, you are also welcome to report issues. Anything that you think we should know to ensure the health and safety of our students should be reported.

If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact Mrs. Amanda Whitcomb, the personal counselor, at 816.501.0039 , or visit to learn more.